The power of a smile

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Each one of us, including you and me, seeks to be happy. This is why we like people who smile. Now there are kinds of smiles and not all of them convey happiness or a desirable kind of happiness, for instance, a crazy smile. But a well-meant, sincere and naturally-timed smile can open more doors for you than you can imagine. A smile represents good intentions and sympathy, so the most natural reaction is to smile back. Now the magic of it is the following: it’s not only that we smile when we feel good, but it also works the other way around – if you intentionally smiled for two minutes, you’d start feeling good. Hence if you’re on a stage, giving a speech and you smile, the audience is most likely going to be smiling back and they’ll start feeling good which will create a great atmosphere for your speech. Smiling can be marvellous when talking about yourself, an idea of yours, something you’re passionate about or such. You will come across as likeable and they will associate positive feelings with you and your topic. Be careful not to smile all the time though, but smile often. Smile at the beginning of your speech, as if you’ve just met a good friend, smile when you say something you find enjoyable or fascinating, when you say something that refers to the audience to let them feel you wish them well and of course smile at the end of your speech. A smile is a big aspect of a great ending. Apart from the visual effect of the smile, it also gives a whole new quality to your voice. Try saying the same sentence: “Thank you and have a great evening” first without smiling…

Come on, say it out loud. You can whisper it if there’s someone around.

And now say the same sentence with a smile.

How does that sound?
Well, I think it sounds (and looks) just fantastic. So go out there and show the world that great smile of yours. 

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