Individual training

There is a saying in German that says “Man lernt nie aus.” The verb “auslernen” means to learn everything there is and be done with learning. So basically, as long as you live, you learn – to live is to learn. However, learning can be a tough process. But there is another neat saying – “Ohne Fleiß kein Preis” – No pain no gain.Public speaking, presentation skills, preparing speeches, body language, active listening and everything else connected to communication skills is exactly that – a skill. And as a skill, it can be learned, practised, analysed and improved. There may be people who are more talented at this and those who are more gifted in something else, but although we don’t get to choose how talented we are, we do choose how much work we put into improving this skill.My speaking and communication training is based on rhetoric courses and seminars I’ve attended, books I’ve read, speakers, speeches and debates I’ve watched as well as my own experience. As theatre also played a great role in my development, I like to integrate what I learned in theatre ensembles and drama studios into the speaking training. The training is originally meant to be individual, but it can also be done in a group of two people if you wish to bring a friend along!



This is how it works:

  1. You write me an e-mail in which you:
    • briefly introduce yourself
    • state if there is something particular you would like to work on
    • state which language you would like to communicate in (English, German, Balkan-ish)
  2. I write back and we arrange the following:
    • when we meet
    • where we meet
    • I assign you a first little assignment – preparing a short 3-minute speech which will be the basis of the first training session

If there is a skill you would like to teach me, you can write it in the e-mail as well. As for the location, I love meeting either at Zentrum für Translationswissenschaft, Uni Wien – Hauptuni or at my dorm, but we can meet elsewhere as well.

The first session is meant to be an orientation session – we get to know each other, you tell me about your previous experiences and together we set a goal you want to achieve. Then you do the speech you’ve prepared, which we later analyse and on the basis of this we define more specifically what we can and want to work on.

If you decide to do the training on a regular basis, on this first session we’ll arrange how often and when we meet.

Once again, as a non-professional coach, I don’t have a fee for my service. Instead you can either teach me some other skill or donate any amount you find appropriate.


Looking forward to it a.k.a. ich freue mich drauf!