“I hate my voice”

hate my voice2

Does your voice sounds incredibly annoying on recordings? And when you realise that this is what people around you actually hear, it makes you want to not ever open your mouth again, right? Well, you’re not the only one.  


Why does my voice sound horrible?

The reason why your voice sounds so much different is because you’re used to hearing your voice from the inside. When you speak, your voice travels in two directions. It is produced in your vocal folds, it leaves through your mouth, travels through the air and enters the listener’s inner ear (and your uncle’s camera). However, the voice also travels through the bones and the tissue of your head and reaches your inner ear.

Since bones and tissue have different physical properties than air, this affects the quality of the sound – it enhances lower-frequency vibrations and as a result, the sound that reaches your inner ear sounds deeper.


Own your voice

Well, this is the reality. You sound differently than you thought you do. But the reason it sounds so bad to you is because you’re used to hearing it differently. For the people around you, your voice is perfectly normal because they’re used to hearing it that way.

However, what ultimately matters is that you own your voice. Your voice is an extension of you, your will and your personality. Whatever kind of a voice you have, don’t be ashamed of it – make sure to make the most of it. Celebrate your voice and let it celebrate you.

Stay tuned because soon I’ll write tips on how to use your voice most effectively!

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