Joy of Speaking

Joy of Speaking. Public Speaking for Professional and Personal Development

Available as an audiobook and an eBook

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Written and read by: Karlo Krznarić
Length: 05 hr 57 min | 120 pages
Published: March 1st 2018
Language: English
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In Joy of Speaking, you and I are a team. Being a team means that we have a common goal – to make you a great speaker. But don’t think we’re in for a boring trip. We’re going to have a funny, inspiring and exciting ride through every aspect of public speaking – from most basic ones all the way to tips and tricks that professionals use, including a lot of examples and even topics like small talk and storytelling. What we cover here you will be able to apply in any situation that requires you to speak in front of people, regardless if you’re an entrepreneur, a student, personal trainer, businessperson, teacher or simply wish to do this as a part of your personal development. 

  • Prologue: A story about you and me
  • Chapter 1: Nervous? Scared? Welcome to the club. 
  • Chapter 2: Body language
  • Chapter 3: Carpe vox: Use your voice
  • Chapter 4: The cold hard content
  • Chapter 5: Preparing a speech – step by step
  • Chapter 6: Additional situations



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