You can be a great speaker. 

Hello. Or as they say here in Austria, servus. Welcome to Speech Fennel – your go-to place for public speaking, pitching and social skills.

My name is Karlo and I’m a public speaking coach. This means, I teach people how to speak well in front of other people. Simple as that.


Let me give you a tour around the place. In ‘My story‘ and ‘Your story‘ we can get to know each other better. In ‘Speech Coaching‘, I’d like to tell you how I work with clients and if you wish to book a workshop or find out about the upcoming ones, feel free to go to ‘Workshops.’

Enjoy your stay!

“What I liked best about the workshops were the group activities Karlo did: recreating the pressure a speaker needs to be able to deal with, and practicing dealing with it in fun and safe group exercises. Brilliant.”

Michael Herold, Speaker and Coach

“Karlo combines extraordinary professionalism and thorough analysis with warm-heartedness, creating a very pleasant working atmosphere. I can fully recommend Karlo’s coaching. It helped me a lot.”

Thomas Humberg, Nutritional Consultant

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